Weight matters – The journey continues

Yup … my journey in regards to my weight has continued till now and is still on-going.  Alhamdulillah …indeed I am happy and so very grateful that I am able to stick to my resolution. After almost two months of efforts ….I am now 73 kg, down from 79 kg.

Alhamdulillah…and even though physically the change is not noticeable yet I am still happy cos just knowing my weight numbers is going down has make me a happy person. Initially I did zumba at home and cut down on my carbohydrates but after a 2 week stint with zumba, I dropped it and go for brisk walking plus in-between jogging almost everyday.

I prefer brisk walking and after doing it for few days, my weight has gone down faster than when I was doing zumba. A weight lost must be gradual … too fast is not good for the body and so managing my diet and walking regularly has indeed proven to be effective for me.  Now I am losing 1 kg every week.  Since my target is to lose 10 kg, I am now half way reaching the target.  I did seek some help/consultation from a slimming center but I realised that doing so is just a motivation and not the real effort to the success.  The real deal is watching out my diet and exercising regularly.

What comes after losing the 10 kg? Well, I hope to continue doing what I am doing for the rest of my life, insya’Allah.  So hopefully even after reaching the goal, I hope to continue losing weight till I reach the weight that is suitable for me. I am glad it is still not too late for me to realise how important it is to lose my weight and live healthier than what I was doing in the past. Gaining weight and not taking care of my diet is really harming myself ….. cos now that I have a taste of what it feels to feel lighter and better, I hope I will be able to continue doing so. Aja aja fighting!

Even with the fasting, I am still able to continue with the exercise regularly …. my colleagues and I, we have been going to the gym at our workplace during lunch time during the fasting month.  We spent about 15-20 mins at the treadmill.  The beauty of having friends that shares the same thing you like is that you have company on doing a certain task, thus it becomes fun and more enjoyable.

Exercising together with my kids is now something which I look forward to…. sometimes all four of us will go together and sometimes only one of them will accompany me.  These moments allows  us to bond more among ourselves.  During this session, I find myself joking and just listening to my daughters as they talk about their friends and events in their daily life.


Petir Park which literally means Lightning Park, is only 5 mins away from my house … this is where I go for my brisk walking.


20140706-074908-28148631.jpgThis park is where most of the residents will do their exercises, yoga, tai-chi and aerobics sessions …… every day especially at night it is alive with healthy lifestyle activities


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