Fulfilling my cravings

Over here in Singapore we called this Indian style bone soup as Bone Steak. The Indians use red colouring to make the gravy red but I dislike using colouring so my version is such as shown below and lots more spicier than the original Bone Steak (Sop Tulang).

This was the dish I cooked and brought over to my MIL’s place for the breaking fast session yesterday. We ate this with french loaves…. Yumss!!!


Bone Steak aka Sop Tulang

As for today, finally, I am able  to make Kuih Bakar Berlauk, a savoury Malay cake.  This is one of the most popular and favourite of mine among all the Malays traditional cakes.  It has a special mould but for today, I choose not to use the mould …. make it in a more simpler and faster way, by baking it in the oven.


Before putting into the oven

20140713-102233-37353072.jpgAfter baking … I can’t wait to taste it and see if the taste is as good as the conventional way … 😉



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