Ramadhan 2014 – Day 7

Alhamdulillah, my 2nd daughter who was sick for a week is now on the mend.  Her fever had finally subsides and now left only her cough.

Alhamdulillah, we have finally arrived at Day 7 of Ramadhan.  Early morning right after dawn, the skies showered us rain, and now the weather is cool and gray. Simply loving this kind of weather 😉

Today, there will be a full-dress rehearsal for the NDP parade at the Float.  My colleague surprised me with 4 tickets to the event. Insya’Allah will be going there this evening, though we might not stay there long.  We are more interested in getting the fun pack hehee…

As an end to this post, I just would like to write that Day 7 of Ramadhan brings to mind, a need to be patience (sabr), a need to persevere, a need to repent and make lots of du’a and a need to ask Allah swt to except what is good in us and/or what good we are doing and seek His protection from what is bad in us and/or what bad we are doing.

Daily muhasabah of the self is a must …. insya’Allah!



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