Ramadhan 2014 – Day 2

2nd day of Ramadhan – Lying on the bed, sick with headache and chills. Managed to fall asleep but woke up about an hour later. Such a short nap but it brought release to my head at least.

Tried to fall asleep again but could not.

As I’m writing this post, I am also reminded of how special Ramadhan was to me and my family while my mom was alive. It brought  memories of my late mom to the fore. Sweet memories …

Yeap … my late mom (May Allah bless her soul!) was the pillar of our home.  The one person whom I looked forward to see every time I came home.

She was the one who held the family together especially in times of crisis.  Having her around was the best and losing her forced me to grow up earlier than I preferred to and more independent than I wanted to.

Much as Islam is built on 5 pillars : The testimony that there is no God except for Allah s.w.t and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, establishing prayer, paying zakat, fasting in Ramadhan and perform Hajj if one can afford it, so too a family.

To me, a family is also built on 5 pillars : love for one another, faith, respect, communication and tolerance towards one another.

In the 12 months that we have, I can see how during the month of Ramadhan, most families would make effort to come together either for breaking fast together (iftar), prayers together be it in the masjid or home for the Terawih prayers.  Ramadhan comes once a year, and when it comes, it gives us the opportunity not just to strengthen one of the pillar of our faith but also to strengthen the pillar(s) of our family foundations.

This year, our family has agreed to try exercise and strengthen self-restraint.  In the past, breaking of the fast means plenty of foods on the table but this year we decided to have more simple and less dishes for the breaking fast.  Even the “sahur” (the meal to be taken before dawn) is a simple fare.

Children wanted only to eat cereals for sahur and my husband did not require anything heavy.

I think this can be achieve when it involves just us but when we have guests over or we are invited over to others houses then the scenario might change a bit.

Yesterday I cooked only 2 types of dishes …. Fried Bee Hoon and Baked Tandoori Chicken Wings.  A simple meal but Allah sent more “rezki” to us when my 3rd sister and her children decided to surprised my youngest daughter with a belated birthday celebration.  They came over for breaking fast with additional foods and a birthday cake.

Alhamdulillah …. my youngest was of course the most happy person last night 😉

Alhamdulillah today I do not have to cook for there are leftovers of the Fried Bee Hoon and porridge from yesterday.  These will be eaten during breaking fast today.

No food shall be wasted insya’Allah and only after everything is gone then will I cook new ones.






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