June 2014 – Timeline

Finally, my schedule is lighter these days … the Library Mini Fair planning is going smoothly, home project done, well almost, one thing about home matters is you can’t really say they are totally complete cos there are always things to do 😉

I am back online much earlier than I expected. A good thing too cos I miss writing.  Two more days and Ramadhan will be upon us … yeayy!! 🙂

Here’s a recap of what’s been happening in my life so far …. Alhamdulillah for all the goods and bads in our life.


1st June – Our family embarked on the 2nd phase of the home project, which is mainly to paint the house.  For four years the house has not been painted and thanks to the peeling walls, we decided to re-paint the house this year. Our target was to finish it before the beginning of Ramadhan (which will be on the 29th June).  We do not want to do any major cleaning up during the bless month of Ramadhan.

My 3rd sister upon hearing that we are painting the house, volunteered to help and she did almost half of the hall while the other half was done by my husband and 2nd daughter.  She really love to paint house and she is good at it too! 🙂

This project finally ends on the 7th June.

2nd June – accompanied the husband to the polyclinic early in the morning. He was given one week of MC and another appointment for dressing of his wound. Then afternoon off to the dentist where he had another tooth extraction.

8th June – my 42nd birthday. Another plus 1 to the age, feels the same and yet I know its a reminder of how less time I have in this earth. Precious time till its time to depart for the next lap of the journey. May Allah grant me husnul khatimah when its time. Aamiin Ya Rabb!

My 3rd sister, nieces and my daughters surprised me with a birthday cake and foods spread. Thank you! 🙂

Throughout the whole day birthday wishes were received via fb, emails and watsapp. Thank you everyone… Thank you once again for the warm wishes given to me! 🙂

Truly appreciates all the wishes.  Especially to Shirin whom I have not met for many years, your watsapp made my eyes teared my dear ❤

9th June – Finally finished the photo collage of my children, nieces, nephews and grandniece/nephews 😉

I simply enjoy doing these simple projects.


11th June – Received a beautiful gift from a beloved sister …. I love it so much for not only is it handmade but the colour is one of my favourte 😉

Thank you Sriberri … ❤

12th June – I dreamt of my nephew, Hadi … It felt so real and I woke up crying.

16th June – Advance birthday treat for my youngest, we went to Universal Studios Singapore.  All of us had a great time! 🙂



17th June – The eldest daughter participated in the Tourism Innovation Competition. She and her team mates won a medal and given a certificate each.


20th June – My handphone died on me.  No idea what time it died.  I depended on the alarm in my hp to wake me up and when it did not, uh huh! trouble! almost did not make it in time for my bus transport that day.  I tried to revive the hp but to no avail …..  so I was handphone-less for a few days.  Not having the hp around, felt like I lost my best friend instead 😦

I weighed myself and  I lost another kg.  So total 3 kg lost …. from 79 to 76 … hahaha makes me happy and motivated to continue with what I am doing now. Alhamdulillah!

22nd June – Our dearest Mak Bam came visiting with Abg Ahmad and his family. Abg Ahmad is one of her sons.  I ❤ Mak Bam, my favourite aunt even though she’s an aunt from hubby’s side of the family 😉  They came from Johor after visiting Mak Busu and her family. Arrived almost to 2 pm, they had lunch at our house and left  at 3.30 pm to visit other relatives.  While frying vadai for them, I had a good time talking with Mak Bam at the kitchen.  She kept repeating asking us to visit her soon at KL. Insya’Allah …. if given the opportunity of course we would 🙂

25th June – My green project comes to an end.  Well, not exactly all but almost all the pioneer plants which I planted from seed are gone 😦 Some are infected and some died because of the hot weather.  I think I’m really not cut out to be a gardener afterall… hu hu..

28th June – Tomorrow, its my youngest daughter’s 12th birthday. Happy birthday my love!  Dah dapat hadiah siang2 kan, jadi dok diam2 satu korner k 😛 hihi

On this day, my 2nd daughter also having a drum performance at CCK LOT 1, Rooftop Garden.  Insya’Allah will be there to watch her perform, looking forward to it 😉

29th June – First day of Ramadhan …. May our ummah receive many blessings throughout this month.  Aamiin!





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