Dear mak

Dear mak….

Your daughter received a bad news this morning. A close fren n colleague was involved in an accident near Kota Tinggi. She had a surgery on her spine and will need time to recover.

Mak, I went to visit her during my lunch time and my heart went numb just looking at her. Alhamdulillah she was able to speak and she kept asking us to make doas for her. Syafakillahu khairan dear fren …

Allah’s mercy ….after being thrown out from the car as the car plunge into the gorge, she was timely saved, thanks to her husband’s effort. Her two daughters were also flung out … One had a broken arm and the older one was not injured at all. Alhamdulillah!

Mak… Just imagined if the accident were to happened at night or all four seriously injured… Who would have come to rescue them on time? What if the car had exploded? I shudder to think about it …

Moga segala yg berlaku ada hikmahnya … Moga setiap mereka diberi kesembuhan secepatnya. Aamiin!

Mak…. Your daughter wonders, what if it had happened to her? How will she be able to cope?

Mak…i realise how precious a gift what I have right now… My health, my time and even my hardships ….for what I am going through mak, are defintely nothing if i am to compare to what others are going through.

Finally… As always mak, writing the post as a letter to you brings much comfort to me.

❤ you!


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