Its all about … Babies!!!

The latest trend and hype in the office … Baby talks!! 😄

Its been going strong and it does not look like it will stop for at least 2-3 years ….. With the advancement of technology, the talks are more entertaining with the showing of fotos and videos. The babies and toddlers are soo cute and they never fails to make us all laugh 😄

I have a colleague who is soo in love with her niece, another with her two sons and now the latest addition, another colleague’s granddaugter, her first grandchild …

Once in a while I will also join in the merry group to show off my nieces… Hahahaa its so much fun talking about babies, exchanging tips and sharing experiences….. One of the best way to de-stress in the office 😉

Then yesterday out of nowhere my youngest sound out to me ….wanting another baby sibling …. I was like “WHAT!!!” hahahaaa…. Sorry but your mum is happy to play with others’ babies except her own 😛

Babies …. Its a topic I love to hear and participate so I’m always happy and eager when its babies talks time!



3 thoughts on “Its all about … Babies!!!

  1. Sorry your mom is …. Other Baird but her own !!! .. Cracked me up !!

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