Dear Mak

Dear Mak,

Have I told you that as I grow older, i am becoming less stubborn? You know among your daughters,…I am the most stubborn 😉

Mak, in a way I am glad you did not suffer too long from your illness and your du’a of not becoming a burden to your children come true …. Though you know, none of us has ever thought that taking care of you was a burden. Remember how each of us were willing and cooperative in ensuring that you were taken care of. In fact, I do not remember any argument between us when it comes to your care. Alhamdulillah for you know your daughters can be loud at times when we have issues but you were never an issue to us all. You were our pillar.

These days mak, there are many families who have issues while taking care of their aged parents. I have seen how parents are being shuffle from one place to another … In the name of being fair, most people forgets to ask what and how the aged parents feel… What do they really want and prefer.

Mak, I have seen how children do not want to communicate between them when it comes to caring for their parent.

Money has always been the main issue….a reality, most are afraid if they take care, then they have to come up with the expenditure as well.

Mak, i have a colleague whose mother is wheel-chair bound. She has 5 siblings but only the daughters are active in taking care of the mother. The sons do not bother. Sad right?

Bringing a parent for check up becomes an issue when no one is willing to take turns to send. Those who do not have car are the ones who do so while those with cars look the other way. Luckily, my colleague mother has her daughters. But imagine how difficult for them to handle their mother who is wheel-chair bound?

Mak, aren’t you glad to have daughters? We are not perfect yes, but you know when it comes to difficult moments we always try our best and never keep quiet just to avoid it.

Dear Mak, the world is changing so much and filial piety is not as it was before. Living in this decade, many people forgets that life is like a boomerang. What we throw into the wind, will come back to us. I am afraid mak… Afraid of what my future holds. I hope I have not done many bad deeds.

Mak , I think the world of a parent will become easier and beautiful if only we, the children remembers only the goodness of our parent and not their bads. If only we compete to perform good deeds to our parent with the thought to gain Allah’s blessings as our rewards instead of calculating who among us children will have less difficult times.

May Allah swt protect our hearts from becoming unfilial and may we strive to be the better child to our parents.


Dear Mak, time to say good-bye. Will write again another time.

❤ you Mak!


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