Dear Mak

Dear Mak,

This entry is written with you in mind.  I miss you Mak! I miss cuddling you while falling asleep and I miss your home-cook foods. I miss your stern face. I miss your smile. I miss your hugs which among your children, I was privileged to receive the most. I miss your voice and I have to confess that after more than 20 years of being apart, I think I have forgotten how your voice is and I miss that …. I want to hear it again … 😦

Mak … you and bapak would be proud to see 3 of your grandchildren have successfully received their diploma.  In fact, just now, your 4th grandson just received his. How proud you would have been I’m sure.  Please make du’a for the rest of your young grandchildren.  May they too follow the steps of their cousins to reach academic success in future.  On top of all these, please du’a for us, your children and our descesdants, to be those who possess faith (iman), knowledge (ilmu), do good deeds (amal) and good character (akhlak). Du’a that we will be able to reunite in the akhirat when it is time. Aamiin aamiin aamiin …

Mak … I wish I can talk to you face-to-face but I know it’s wishful thinking.

Mak …. I know you know that I love you right? I love you and I miss you 😥


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