Friday, 23rd May.

The day began with a good start and it flows down right to the end of the day. Alhamdulillah!

Around 9 am, the sky turned dark and soon after it began to rain…heavily!

Rezki…..for rain are blessings, for the land and for us, humans.

9.30 am….I received a call from a colleague in a different department. She had received news that there were many breadfruits to be given away. A harvest from the trees in the campus.

In a flash, I went around to collect for myself and my friends in the library 🙂


The breadfruits …

Rezki…fresh from the tree, I like!

Another rezki….as I was walking down the corridor to the DNA Gallery to collect the breadfruits, I got lightly showered by the rain…. Wonderful!! So fresh and cooling …Alhamdulillah!

Then come night time, I managed to bake choc chips and banana muffin. These two combo has always been my favourite. Thanks to my SIL for sharing the recipe.


Before putting into the oven …


Ready to be eaten …

Alhamdulillah … what can I say except yesterday has been a great day for me, and today hopefully it will continue to flows 😉

Today my menu for the family is just simple dishes. Sambal tumis paru (Lungs cook in chillies) and clear vegetable soup.  Among the soups that I usually cook, I have always prefer the clear ones.  So this soup is one of my favourite.  The taste of the corns makes the soup sweet and refreshing.


Clear vegetable soup with corns, carrots, brocoli, radish and onions


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