Mission burnout

This week begins the continuing effort of mission burnout.

I’m cutting down on my carbohydrate intake by replacing my dinner with a cup of corns.


Breakfast and lunch as per usual I will eat rice, meat or fish and vegetables but dinner its either no rice or at least small portion of rice, though this week I’m sticking to eating corns for dinner. Lucky for me, I do love corns.

This evening after maghrib, hopefully I won’t be too tired to go with my kids to Petir Park for a walk/jog session.

My neighbourhood … You can see many people exercising throughout the whole day. In the morning, the aunties, uncles, grandparents and housewives can be seen walking and exercising around the park. While in the evening, young people and few middle-ages lile me taking their turns round the park.

Finally, I hope to be as regular as them.

Never say never and it’s never too late to start … Jiayou ME! hahahaaa 😉


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