Weight matters!

Yes indeed! Weight does matters …. especially heavy body weight hahahaa

I got a wake-up call again 2 weeks ago when I weigh my body.  Uh-huh! no good … I put on and no wonder the body feels heavy 😦

Been trying to exercise and diet last few years but never successful except during Ramadhan, for during the fasting months I would usually lose between 2-4 kg.  But then kan, bila raya naik lagi haisshh.

Anyway, after looking at the number on the weigh machine, I resolve to start losing my weight and this time, I aim to do so for the long run. I realise if I do not commit myself to this, at the end of the day, I am the one who is going to suffer.  For as I grow older, the metabolism is not going to get better and I will just continue to put on weight if I’m not careful.  This situation is not good for my organs for with the increase of fats, my organs going to be sick cos being surrounded by all these fats.

So since last 2 weeks, I have been drinking at least 10-13 cups of water each day.  Can be a bit tiring cos need to visit Room T rather frequently but as I did these for a few days, I realised my water retention has decreased.

Besides drinking more water, I have been exercising to the beat of Zumba.  Now, I made sure I do the Zumba workout at least 15-20 mins a day. Sometimes I add more minutes by jogging on the spot at home.

Diet wise, I have cut my portions of rice and am more aware of not eating more than I need.

I had also a bit of help from an expert  actually many experts (in my office) who generously gives me tips and advise…. and now, my body feels lighter.  Within the first week, I lost 1 kg.  Maybe to some its not much and nothing to be happy but to me, it’s an accomplishment.  A motivator to continue doing so and hopefully be able to cut down more kgs.




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