The hard knocks

Reaching my age this far, and after going through plenty of hard knocks, life has been life a roller coaster and in reality I am afraid to ride in one.  But then life never gives anyone much choice in terms of events that happens so like it or not, when the hard knocks come visiting one can only ride it as best as one could.

Upon deep reflection, I realised what I have gone through and most likely will go through again sometime in future (trials never stop as long as one is still breathing), is that how courageous my late mother was.  Now I understand her hardships, dilemma, sadness, sacrifices and bitterness.  Yet these trials in her life made her a strong woman and someone to reckon with.  My late mother was not as vocal as I am and so I really salute her for taking things and handling them quietly. It is no wonder the post of being a mother is something that even money could not replace.

I have daughters and one day my daughters insya’Allah will become a mother themselves but I hope they will be spared half of what I have gone through and they achieve more than what I have achieved.

Hard knocks … one can’t live life without it knocking on our door, if you’re lucky it will only come knocking once …which is rare I think.

Still in between hard knocks there are respite or breaks that makes life bearable and valuable.

Like today, despite everything, I am glad I was able to spent some time making dessert for the family.  Coconut Jelly … yumss!

These cooking moments are what makes me able to de-stress and take a breather from the hard knocks.

Just cooking and enjoying them makes life so much more easier to sail through.


Coconute jelly


All neatly stack ups in the fridge ….


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