This n That – Apr 23

I had to take urgent leave today, to bring my eldest to see the doctor.  She had gone to see the doctor yesterday on her own, but this morning when I woke her up, she got up with pain (whole body) and difficulty breathing.  Upon seeing the doctor, the diagnosed was that she’s having asthma attack.  That shocked me because she had never had one before.  Luckily we seek treatment for her early cos asthma if left alone too long can be a serious problem.

Then as we reached home, I suddently noticed one of my tomato plants, the leaves looks like they are wilting … Oh no!

Immediately, I poured some water on the plants.  An hour later when I checked, alhamdulillah the leaves are back to normal, phew!



see how tall the tomato plant has grown? I really really hope it will keep growing and bear fruits in the near future … looking forward to that 😉


Since it’s raining now, the plants are having a “free” shower … 😉


Looks like these plants are also doing well, frankly I can’t remember what plants these are, will just have to wait till they are bigger … hmm

On another note, looks like this year, for the Eid celebration, the whole family will get to wear new “baju kurung” and it will be tailored ones. A BIG THANK YOU to my eldest sister, who generously bought for us, siblings and our partners cloth materials for the occasion.  So since that being the case, I decided to buy similar but different colour cloth materials for the kids as well.

I left 3 more days to pay back my fasting and then it will be getting ready to welcome Ramadhan.  For Syawal, we will try to keep things simple.  Focus will be to visit the elderly in the families, both mine and my husband sides.  Frankly, I don’t usually bakes during Ramadhan, so this year may not be any different.  Most likely the “kueh-kueh” (cookies) will be store bought ones.

This year also no renting of vehicle since my husband might be working on the 2nd day of Eid. We are not even sure whether he will be off on the first day of Eid itself.

Whatever it is, the focus this year is to focus more on Ramadhan, spent more time to increases the connection between the self and the creator, spent less especially on eid preparation and try our best not to waste time, money and effort unnecessarily.

Besides all these, the next 3 weeks, will be focusing more on the upcoming mid-year exams.  Hoping the kids will pass and do their best during the exams.

Next year, insya’Allah I will be joining them …seeking new knowledge , walking towards a lifelong learning path.

May the Almighty make ease for us all …. Aamiin!!!


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