Family outing

Friday, 18th April 2014

Event : Morning Family Outing

Venue : Jalan Bahar, The Graveyard

Before my eldest go back to Brunei, she and my 3rd sister’s family overnight at my home yesterday and early this morning we, three sisters and my BIL, went to visit the graves of our loved ones.


Once we reach the graveyard site, we stopped to buy some flowers


The first one we visit is my parents grave …. spent time cleaning the surrounding


Next, visit my nephew, Hadi’s abode.  This coming Monday, 21st Apr will be his 2nd death anniversary


Then we went to visit the graves of my BIL’s parents


Then off to my FIL’s grave …. I decided to do a makeover for his grave, now in discussion with the person-in-charge


Graveyard is a beautiful place … well at least to me, here is a view from a corner of it ….


A more close up look …. how beautiful it looks 🙂


May the blessings of this Juma’ah be given to all those residing in the graveyard …

May their souls rest in peace …. Al-Fatihah!


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