Awards Day 2014

First and foremost, A BIG THANK YOU TO THE ALMIGHTY FOR HIS GENEROSITY. Alhamdulillah syukran Ya Rabb!

Today, my eldest daughter reach another milestone in her learning journey. For achieving 3 distinction in her N level results last year, she was awarded a certificate of achievement and given a Popular Voucher worth $40 held in her secondary school this evening.

I was not able to come but my daughter did not mind because she knows I was and still am happy without having to be physically attending the ceremony. To my eldest daughter, knowing her mum was happy was enough for her.

Today’s ceremony, besides her being one of the recipients, her sister (my 2nd daughter) was also there, not to receive award but to perform on stage together with her drum members.  So I have 2 daughters to fill me up on the event 😉

As a mother, I can’t be any happier for her. Congratulations again love!




2 thoughts on “Awards Day 2014

  1. Marha Marha!!! Congrats eldest dotter and mum and dad!Must be so proud of her kan Busu! Keep it up and may she soar to the highest achievement for all the things she works hard for and enjoy it every bit in syaa Allah.

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