C.T. – eldest of the four

As I’ve mentioned, we celebrated my eldest sister, C.T.’s birthday last night.

Not all the family members were able to come but we had fun chatting, laughing and enjoying the delicious foods cooked by my 3rd sister.


Before that, our 3rd BIL read a short supplication for her.

Then for dessert we had the hazelnut cake which I bought from Primadeli. Everyone loves this cake …not only does it taste good but a bit different cos it has nutella in it and whole hazelnuts in the middle of the cake. Best of all it is not too sweet.


I sincerely hope my sister had a good time for its been a long time since we were able to celebrate her birthday together.

C.T., she is the eldest among 4 girls in the family. Something similar that she shares with my husband is that they both are born the eldest and yet they are gentle and soft-hearted.

Due to the big age gap between my eldest and myself, I have always been close and regards her as a second mother.

When she got married at the age of 19, I was 6 years old and I cried wanting to follow her during her wedding.

Then when she was pregnant with her eldest son, at 7 months she still came to my school during recess to send and fed me foods cooked from home.

How could I not love this lovely sister who is almost like my own mother?

I was also very close to my eldest BIL and I was devastated when he passed away …. That year we lost 2 of our most loved family members…. My eldest BIL in July and my mom in Dec 1990.

My sister is a strong woman …and she is well-liked by everyone. A person who rarely offends others and always willing to help those in needs.

C.T. ….an exceptional woman, an exemplary of a sister!



2 thoughts on “C.T. – eldest of the four

  1. Your sister sounds very warm and caring busu.Please send my birthday greetings to her.You are very fortunate to have siblings who love and laugh with you.Enjoy being the little one…hehee!

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