April birthdays

First and foremost … Wishing my eldest sister A Happy 55th Birthday!!! May Allah bless her till jannah! Aamiiin!

My eldest sister is here in Singapore and so we have the opportunity to celebrate her birthday this year.

This evening there will be a gathering at our 3rd sister’s house. InsyaAllah, I will be the one to bring the birthday cake ๐Ÿ˜‰

If only my eldest BIL is here too then we could celebrate his birthday too, for tomorrow is his birthday… hahaa husband and wife, both birthdays in the same month with a difference of one day only.

Another birthday person is our nephew from my husband’s side of the family. Happy belated 18th birthday Azrul…his actual birthday was on the 7th April.

So wishing all birthdays girl and boys the very best. May Allah bestow on them….health, wealth and all the goodness of this world and the akhirat.

As for me… After a one day mc yesterday due to swollen and painful foot, alhamdulillah today am back to work and the swollen gone, left only a bit more of pain that’s manageable.

Bismillah!…. I think I am ready to re-boot, re-start and re-fresh!





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