End of March

Last week of March …. Almost a quarter of the year has passed.

Weather has been hot these days, almost every night before I went to bed, I would take a shower first before turning in.

The house is in a mess these days, thanks to my kids. Their wardrobes needed a change and so do the walls of our house.

So since last weekend, we have been doing spring cleaning as well as slowly giving the walls a new coat of colours.

So far the 2nd daughter’s room has been painted and tomorrow will start on the eldest’s room and hopefully by Saturday we can do the youngest’s room as well.

Next week, the new wardrobes will come and I hope by then the house will be back to normal instead of looking like a storage room right now 😉

This morning, I took a pic of my chillies plant. Alhamdulillah its growing well 🙂


Hoping the rest of the plants will continue to do so.

I think next I will add some cactus to the Green Family soon.

Somehow busying myself with the green project feels so therapeutic to the self 😉


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