Of transplant and life

The sayings that “Change is the only constant in life” is indeed true.

Even if I do not want it, change will still happen, to myself, people around me, society, culture, structure etc.

To adapt to change, I have always believed that first I must acknowledge its existence and must embrace it when it happens.  The ability to do so will make it easier for me to go with the flow and be more at peace when it happens and somehow I believe it will make me stronger internally. Not something I find easy to do with my character and temperament but it a start to know the ways to handle it.

Knowledge is also important, for knowledge even a wee bit of it will help me cope and somehow give me an idea on how to handle or adapt myself to the change that is happening.

These few months, I have seen more changes happening around me and I acknowledged that I changed the most (my temperament can be a bit unstable at time hahaha) and yesterday I received the news that my aunt whom we called “wak mi”, has a stroke again and now hospitalised in the hospital.  May Allah give her a speedy recovery and may she be given the patience and strength to go through this difficult times. Amiin….

As we, humans go through change everyday, so do nature.

One example are my young plants. Ever since I embarked on the green project, I have been reading a lot on it and I realised my mistake of planting too many seeds in one pot.  Doing so will cause overcrowding and will not make the plants grow better and healthier.  So yesterday I read up more on the issues of overcrowding and how to save my plants from it.


My overcrowding young seedlings …

Findings the answers, I went to buy more pots, and yesterday evening I did my first transplanting of my seedlings. A first for me for I have never done any transplanting before. My youngest daughter helped and together we were able to save quite a number of seedlings (though sadly not all).


After the transplant … less crowded and more room for the roots to grow.

These are change.  Even plants face changes and I am hoping through these experience and change, their roots will become stronger and they will grow better than ever.

It seems this year I have done quite a number of things which are a first time experience for me. I like it! 🙂

So change is unavoidable at times and it is not always bad. As a person who deals things with her heart first before her brain … haha that’s me alright! I can be slow to see the ‘light’ when experiencing change but alhamdulillah, somehow after a while I am always able to except and move on to my best ability.

Except on matters that truly hurt me, most of the times I am able to adapt.

Change is indeed the most constant thing in our lives.


All line up outside my house … my babies 😉


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