My 2nd daughter…

Today, my 2nd daughter is off to Malacca for a school trip. Not a long trip, just a 2 days 1 night learning journey.

I hope everything will go smoothly for the whole group and they will have lots of learning experience that will be fun and add value to their young lives.

My 2nd daughter is really different from her siblings. Maybe being the middle child makes her that way, I really don’t know.

While her other siblings would ask for assistance in their packing either for school camps or trips, she would do otherwise.

She did everything herself and never in front of me, so I have no idea what she packed for the trip.

Some would call that as being independent but to me, personally as a mother, I think she is being a bit overboard to the extend of not even liking when I asked her if she needs anything.

Being independent is something I always encourage in my children but my 2nd has this belief that she needs no one just as long as she is ok being herself.

These should be ok except that she can be too stubborn and head-strong. As I’ve advised her many times, ‘no man is an island’ …. So she needs to balance and be flexible at times when communicating with others.

As I watched my girls grow older, I see the role of motherhood change its ground and I have to face more challenge. Its like what were taught to them when they were young has slowly diminished and are being replaced by negative values. Worries me … I really worry and yes I concur that children can be our test and trials in life.

For now, I just continue making effort and at the same time, making lots of supplication for them and us, parent.

Anyway, gonna miss my girl … Hope she will be back safely soon.


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