And the gardening adventure continues …

Yup … its definitely continuing … the adventure of an amateur indoor gardener 😉

Received the seeds I ordered online and wasting no time, I started planting the seeds about 5 days ago.


Last evening, I saw the seedlings sprouting and I tell you the best part of trying to be a gardener is when you see the seeds finally become seedlings.


Such excitement and joy and it reminds me of how we humans are always feeling happy when we see a baby … that’s how it feels and I think this is part of the beauty of nature. Another joy will be when the plants grow healthier by the day and finally bloom either with flowers or fruits.  I am indeed hoping that I will get to experience that in the near future.

Meanwhile, my garlic leaves are growing taller, I just cut a leaf and when I smell it, hmm, so fragrant the smell of garlic 🙂


On another note, we are having dry spell here and the grasses as well as the trees near my estate are drying and dying 😦

My children and I, we have been splashing water as and when we could as we walked by these trees.  It’s not much but we hope it will make a difference to the trees and grasses and somehow help in giving them the chance to remain healthy despite the heat and dry spells.  Of course, our prayers would be that there would be rain soon … very very soon.

Also, as nature dies and new ones are born …. I hope the passengers of the recently missing Malaysia airplane will be found and that whatever awaits their loved ones, they will have the strength to face it and receive support in their time of sadness and needs.

Life and death … two power house that is unpredictable and which all of us can’t run away from.  Just hoping for the best for everyone.




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