The 7-UPs

25TH Feb 2014.

I attended a workshop on the 7-Ups to personal effectiveness.  This workshop was organised by our dept for all staff.

The trainer is a retired army officer and teacher named Mr Jeffrey Goh.

A man who can speak better Malay than I do, (fuh! he is really fluent in Malay) and at the age of 67, he is so far the best trainer I ever had.

His presentation was well presented and he cited many stories and examples that are relevant to the topics.

From the start to the end, our attention was captured and we learn as much as we had fun during the workshop.

Below is a summary of what I have learnt during the workshop.

First – Ups : Wake UP!

We must have hunger for learning. Must learn to anticipate changes happening around us and see the change as a gain and not a loss.  We must be able to face new challenges, keep our eyes open for what can and will happen to the future, notice any changes that  are happening and be able to respond to the change with positive attitudes.

During the discussion on waking up, I received an affirmation of what I had known for quite some time, which is, the generation of today, for example those born in the 1990s and millennium, these youngsters, they need to have the hunger for learning in order to survive in future. They must not be complacent by the comfort they have so far.

Character building is a must and the ‘bo-chap’ (I don’t care) attitude and “this is ME!” attitude must not be allowed to prevail if they want to be successful in life.

Second – Look UP!

Look UP! Never felt that it is impossible to change. Always be optimistic, watch and be aware of how negative attitude can affect us.  Look up to those who are doing well and showing good examples.  Read up and find out the secrets to their success.  It is important to hang around those who are winners. Important to know who are our true friends and who are our accomplices.

We were taught to remember E.R.O = Events + Response (attitude) = Outcomes

Events are something that are beyond our control but that does not mean it’s the end.

Having to face many events in life, it is important to think and reflect how best to response to the events.  In this, the importance and ability to be positive and think how to tap, adapt or change according to the events will then help to bring positive outcomes for us.

Third – Reach UP!

Reach up for excellence in whatever we do.  Set standards for ourselves and take pride in our work.

Fourth – Lift UP!

Be a person who encourages others to success. Be an inspiration and practice the 5 love languages, which are;

  1. Words of affirmation : say “thank you”, “I love you”, “I trust you” etc. to one another (in our personal life and/or in the workplace)


  1. Quality time : spend time together with your love ones as often as you can.


  1. Receiving gifts : Receive and give gifts as and when you can, remember important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. For these will bring smiles and ensure good relationships among our love ones.


  1. Acts of service : Help others often, be it at home or at work.  An act of service that is done voluntarily gives pleasure to the receiver as well as the doer.  Brings harmony and peace especially at home environment.


  1. Physical touch : Learn to give out hugs and receive hugs. Make it a habit for there are many beneficial reasons to do so.  Read here.   Touching is an act to show we care but we must also bear in mind that we can only do so mutually.  If the other person is not comfortable with physical affection, do not force for that will cause friction in any relationships.

Fifth – Wise UP!

Do not engage in activities that will bring harm to us. For example, smoking or taking drugs. Choose friends wisely.  Make sure your friends are not of those who shows bad influence, be it in behaviour or language.  Learn to accept responsibility and not denial when failures occur. Do not procrastinate in your work and daily activities.  Acknowledge bad habits and strive to eradicate them. Always remember the formula E+R=O  (Event + Response (attitude) = Outcomes)

Sixth – Fire UP!

Fire up your enthusiasm, your passion for your work, be committed in whatever you strive to do and lastly, persevere till you reach your goals.

Seventh – Act UP!

Once you have decided to do something good, take action!  Do not procrastinate.  Plan and act on it! Never tell yourself to wait for there is no perfect time.  Take the first step to reach your dream and goals.


The key to help us achieve personal effectiveness wherever and whenever.

I want to practice what I have learnt and I have decided to start with those that I feel confident of doing.  Start with baby steps and insya’Allah those baby steps will grow to be big steps and more confident as they step uphill towards what comes in future.


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