Hadi’s 6th birthday!

Remembering him is easy … everyday as I scroll down my cameraroll, I would see him.  Going in and out of my 2nd daughter’s room remind me of the time he stayed in the room. Then early this morning, as I woke up, my calendar alarm reminds me of his birthday.  Yes, tomorrow, 18th Feb is his birthday. My nephew’s 6th birthday.  May Allah bless his soul! Al-fatehah…

Then, this afternoon I received another reminder via his mom.  Heartache for my SIL, but I have faith that she will remain strong and steadfast.

I have not been active in writing poems lately …. though I have started to write again not long ago and did not expect to continue writing soon so I was quite surprised to have the urge and the words flowing in my head just minutes ago.  While the iron is hot, its good to strike right? Yes, so I did give in to the urge and wrote a poem, dedicating it specially to my SIL and Hadi.

My writings are amateurish but still I take pride in it cos it’s my effort and it makes me happy doing so.  To read the poem, do click here. This site is where I store all of my poems effort.

For Hadi, Happy birthday love! We love you much and you will forever be embedded in our heart. ❤



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