The Double P Project!

Last week, in agreement both of us, my youngest daughter and I, decided to embark on a project. A green project. We decided to plant birds-eye chillies and lime plants from scratch.  Thus we name our project ‘The Potted Plant Project (Double P Project).

We are hoping it will turn out to be a success whereby we will then go on to plant other types of vegetables or herbs plants.  For now, we are just concentrating on these two plants, hoping they will  grow well.  We bought the soil and pots from the NTUC supermarket and my youngest daughter said she will make the compose (fertiliser) for the plants once they are bigger.  Since she joined the Green Club in her school, she has been active in gardening and experimenting making and using natural compose.  Well, hopefully our project will be a success!


The first day of seedlings …. Left is the lime seeds and on the right, the chillies.


Today, after a week, can see the tiny chilli leaves sprouting ….

So after a week, only the chilli plants have made some progress while the lime seeds has yet to show any progress.  Gonna continue to wait and hope it will progress just nicely like the chilli seeds.

Frankly, the ones who are more excited about this project is me hahahaa…. I’m like a little girl with a new toy 😉

Will update more as the plant grows ….


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