The simple things in life ….

Today, since I’m not working, our menu are just grilled fish, spinach & soft tofu soup and spicy soy sauce condiment (ikan cencaru bakar, sop bayam dan tahu dgn sambal kicap).


As I ate my brunch just now with my husband, I realised that these simple dishes are still the best of all! Indeed, the best of life are the simple things we experienced.

If I am to reflect further, I realise that I have enjoyed so many things just because there are easily available to me and no pressure on my pockets. For example, when I needed a bag, I do not need to have a branded bag to be happy …. as long as the bag is inexpensive and the design suits me, then I am already happy.  Having branded stuff does not make me … it’s how I use my stuff that do so.

Food wise, even though I have my share of eating foods at restaurants and hotels occasionally …. nevertheless, if I compare my range of happiness and contentment while eating? it’s these wholesome and simple “kampung” dishes that gives me the most satisfaction.  All the soups, grilled fishes, lauk gulai are the top of my favourite list.

Another factor that attribute how simple things in life is the best is the company I have ….. friends who are like minded, who are not rich, who are down-to-earth, who are humble and kind, they are the BEST!  These are few in my life, precious few but the numbers do not matter for their values make up for it.

These days, spending time mostly at home, and with my kids simply makes me happy.  I realised I do not even miss the time I spent going out with friends.  I used to do so rather frequent last few years but I stopped when I realised that by doing so I am being influence unconsciously to my friends way of life and thinking.  These friends are good people but one cannot deny that even surrounded by good people, their way may just not be our way.

Now, I am much happier just leading my life the way I am ….. basically I am an introvert who likes to stay indoors and do my own things.  Not knowing so much about other people lives is a bliss to the soul.  While we try to not gossip but the likelihood of not doing so is not possible while in the company of others.

It has always bother me how some people can say about this person so and so and yet the next moment you can see that very person going out with the person he/she gossip ….. such mockery is something I do not like to see.

In fact, this is also something I try to keep simple.  Liking and not liking someone, I do not like to pretend otherwise.  Pretending to be friendly and be on good terms while the moment the person turns her/his back, it becomes otherwise is a sickness in itself.

Nowadays, if I do not agree, dislike or want to avoid somebody, I do not even make an effort to be friendly, of course that does not mean I will not issue a smile or reply when talk to but I try to keep things to the minimum as required by the social ethics of our society.

Key to keep life less complicated and less troubling is to keep things simple as much as we could.  I am trying now to keep looking forward and bear in mind of the present rather than looking at the past.  Not easy but I find it easier to do so when I minimise my social life.  The best company is with yourself and your family members.

I am much happier when I keep and do things in simple manners and expect less of others than myself ….. less expectations equal less dissappointments equal less heartache equal more peace of heart.



2 thoughts on “The simple things in life ….

  1. Love your posts,real n honest.Talking about gossiping,yeah,I echo your sentiment and need to stand firm like you.I apologise if I ever had spoken or heard about you awares and unawares ya Busu,since we cross path with each other then now and future.

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