2-in-1 events

Today has been a very very busy day for all of us at the library ….

Since the start of the day, each of us has been running to and fro, divided between getting ready for the iCarnival and the Launch of Library As Space. Manpower was very stretched  …. indeed to the limit with two events in one day!

The iCarnival is an annual event and the launch is in celebration to the newly renovated library with the theme “Library as space”.  The committee decided to do both in one day to facilitate time and manpower.

I was involved in both events though most of my time was spent helping out in the launch.  With the iCarnival, I have only an hour of booth duty.  I had fun doing that and even get to eat two cones of ice-cream hehee…

Kudos to all my colleagues especially those who were the backbones of these events. Their efforts and hard works has finally paid off 🙂

After the launch, it was time to pack and clean ….. by the time everything was done, my feet and my back was aching much!  Everybody was happy that both events went well and finally we all could take a breather …… tomorrow back to normal for most of us but for me another busy day awaits.  I will be on leave but will be busy attending the parents teacher meet at the ITE College West.  Hope the heat will have mercy on me 😛


Some photos of the iCarnival event ….


and these are taken during the Launch of Library As Space …..


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