It’s hot, good and sweet!

It’s HOT!

Phew!! The heat is back …. and it has been heating up since last Saturday.  It’s hot hot hot and to me even staying indoor felt like as if I’m standing in a desert.

Missed the cool breeze now but good news even in this heat is that there was a couple of showers on the island. I hope more showers and heavy rain will soon come visiting.

Of course with this heat, it’s good for the clothings.  I love to see my clothes dry faster and feels crispier hahahaa… 😉

It’s GOOD!

Good news 😉

Alhamdulillah my eldest passed her student counsellor interview and has been officially pick as a student counsellor at her school.  Happy for her because she has been wanting to be one since her secondary school days.  Hopefully becoming a counsellor will add on more values to her as a person than ever.  I hope the experience will benefits her and the students/peers under her wing. Aja aja fighting N.H.!!! 🙂


As a closure to my day, just now after dinner, I suddenly has the urge to eat some ‘Bubur Kacang” (Green beans soup), a sweet dessert, a traditional dessert which we, Malays, favours.  Since all the ingredients are available, I went ahead to cook it.  Voila! It’s ready now …. 😉


Yumss …. alas! my craving is fulfilled 😉


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