Ramblings in Feb …

Had difficulty sleeping these days, now my eyebags are getting more prominent and on top of that, pain on my right arm is back … I suppose the pain just can’t stay away too long from me. Perhaps its loving me much hehee πŸ˜›

I’m very tempted to see the physician and do the acupuncture again but keep forgetting the moment I reach home. I noticed that I forgets things more easily now. At times, as I am speaking I could just suddenly stop speaking cos I forget what I was talking about. I hope this is not the start of something more serious. This makes me more active in writing down my thoughts, somehow I hope it will help me remember better.

Yesterday I helped my eldest daughter do some research for her first assignment and she was happy with the result. She even complimented that I have a knack for research. Well, duhh!! (as teens says these days), your mom works in a library and its a skill she gains over the years, thank you! Lolsss

Then this morning, I asked her whether she wants the same thing as her sister for her upcoming birthday….. She said “No”.

I asked again then would you like me to treat you to a lunch at HotPot? ….In a flash she replied, “Ok arr, anything” hahahaa… πŸ˜‰

So that settles it …. A treat will be her present for her 17th birthday in March.

A long time friend, sister and colleague will be going for umrah next week. She is someone whom I think are truly bless for despite the trials she had to go through in life, she never once fall into despair. A role model indeed! May she achieve an umrah that is mabrur, insyaAllah!

As for me, looks like I am a person who has to regularly restart her button when it comes to my faith and deeds. Keep striving dear self!

I had initially plan to go for haj by the time I reach 45 but looks like I have to postpone it to 50 now, even then if I live long enough and only with Allah’s permission will I be able to do so.

Still, even though life sometimes throw sour grapes and lemons at me but I feel that there are many goodness, positive values and a special sweetness when facing these.

Alhamdulillah ….


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