Gifts from my loved ones

Saturday, 1st Feb, my eldest daughter treated me to a movie, it’s a treat paid from her 2nd paycheck for working during her vacation.  Then as we were waiting to enter the movie hall, she suddenly asked me to wait while she and her youngest sister ran down to Cotton On.  When they came back, I received another gift from her, a handbag! Yeayyy … it’s always awesome to receive gifts and it was more meaningful cos it’s from my own daughter.

The eldest has always been a generous person and yet even so I was caught off guard by her action because few days before the movie treat, she had already given me a lump sum of money.  Alhamdulillah …. May she be bless for being kind and generous especially to her parents.  Yes, parents cos she did not only gave me but also gave to her father.  My husband was also feeling touched by her gesture when he received the money from her 😉


The handbag … 🙂

Then on Sunday, the next day, I received another gift … this time from my eldest sister in Brunei.  The bag of goodies consist of Layered cake, keropok, bahulu and ikan terubuk asin (which is not in the pix, I put it away inside the freezer to be eaten later).   Alhamdulillah, rezki 😉


The goodies from Brunei …. 🙂

It’s lovely to be remembered and it’s always a pleasure to receive gifts …. but I believe the ones who gave the gifts, they are receiving much more pleasure in the gesture. I know I do …. it gives me 40x more pleasure to be a giver than a receiver so I am sure my eldest daughter and sister felt the same way.  May Allah rewards their kindness and generosity with many folds of blessings.  Amiin!



3 thoughts on “Gifts from my loved ones

  1. Alhamdulillah….so heartwarming to read about your daughter’s generosity love n kindness towards you,ibu busu.She is a Gift herself masyaAllah.And her lil sisters may just emulate her care n kindness…in syaa Allah.

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