Mak Ngah


My Mak Ngah, the glamourous lady of my heart!

Today I’m going to write about my Mak Ngah (my late mother’s eldest and only sister).  Somehow, after seeing her yesterday evening, I feel I have to write about her to ensure that my memory of her are captured for future remembrance, should I reach her age I might need such reminders.

My late mother was an adopted child of Chinese origin. She was adopted to the Malay-Arab family and became the youngest of 3 siblings, the only brother was the only child of my adopted grandparents (he passed away when I was still in primary school, frankly I could not remember him cos rarely sees him during my childhood). Second in line is my Mak Ngah.  Mak Ngah is also an adopted daughter of Chinese origin.  So both of them, my mother and her sister shared the same fate.  Their Chinese parents due to some reason unknown to us, gave away their daughters to be adopted by a Malay-Arab family.  Between the two sisters, there was a gap of 12 years. Despite this age gap, the two sisters had a good relationship.  Even after my mother passed away, and in the later years my mak ngah herself became sick on and off and recently due to her aged she has started to forget certain memory of people but surprising and touchingly she never forgets my mother and us, her nieces.

This year, mak ngah is 88 years old.  Looking frail yet radiant, yesterday must have been a happy day for her.  She was the one who requested to have the “Tahlil dan doa selamat” (prayers) done, and she was happy upon seeing her guests.  I managed to take a photo with her … this will be a momento to remember her, for me and my children.

During the prayers, her voice was the loudest in reciting the verses of the Quran …. I was touched upon hearing her reciting them.  In my heart, I was very thankful to Allah that He has bestow upon her the ability to remember how to recite the verses despite her being old.  This is a blessing indeed for I have seen others at her aged who are not able to do so.  With the Ustaz leading the prayers, somehow I became overcome emotionally and had to suppress my tears (to no avail, cos it still flows).

I was also entertained just watching how mak ngah being the oldest and matriarch of the family can get away with everything she says …. most of her talks just makes you laughed …. hehee

She is blessed indeed my mak ngah …. She may not have the perfect marriage and life partner (due to the Japanese occupation, mak ngah chose to marry very early and her late husband was of Indian origin) but mak ngah has a gentle disposition and she persevered in staying married despite having differences with her husband.  Perhaps due to this, she is bless with good children.  Her 6 children are doing rather well and I can see how the daughters are helping one another in ensuring that mak ngah is well taken care of and never want for anything.  I really salute my cousin Patemah, the one whom mak ngah is living with.  This cousin of mine is one strong lady.  A single parent,  she not only undertook to look after her 3 sons but also her aged mother.  Not an easy task but she has done a good job.

Another cousin and daughter of mak ngah is staying in the U.S.  Though she is far, she never fails to be in contact and help whenever she could.  Every year she would spent more than a month to spent time with her family in Singapore.

All I can say is, mak ngah is well-loved by her daughters and sons.  A blessing indeed.

I hope yesterday won’t be the last that I see her.  May Allah bless her with health and longevity.  May we be given many more opportunity to see one another.  Insya-Allah!.

Okay as I finish typing this, I have also finish my cooking for the day.  Today the menu is a simple one, Fishball Sambal and Fried Potatoes with Anchovies 🙂

Jemput makan …. 😉



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