Thursday, 23rd Jan

This is my 2nd day on MC … huhu … gone away with the wind, that is my resolution not to have any MCs this quarter.  Yesterday could not get up, and the flu was soo bad that after he checked me, the doctor said “I’m giving you two days mc … take the medicine, no cold drinks and 3 weeks later see me again”.   So being an obedient patient I have been taking my medicine as instructed, drank plenty of warm water and today feel much better, Alhamdulillah.

But then yesterday night, I had to do manual washing for the dirty laundry.  My washer decided to KO on us … huhu 😦

Looks like I have to go and buy a new one …. maybe will start looking tomorrow after work so for now I have to continue washing the clothes by hand …. hope it won’t affect my health or delay my recovery for washing by hand means I will be playing with lots of cold water and the weather now is so cold that even with the sun out one can still feel the cold ….. the breeze is strong and cool.  I love it of course but sometimes too much of it can really affect one’s health.

Oh yes! For today, since I feel much better, I decided to cook one of my favourite dish.  Gulai Nenas, tempeh dan ikan goreng, sambal kicap 🙂



Nothing beats having a “lauk kampung” dishes to push away the blues ….. I can eat these everyday I tell you …. simple to cook yet so tasty to the palate 😉

Ok going to rest now …. after eating the medicine I always feel sleepy.




2 thoughts on “Thursday, 23rd Jan

  1. Salam Busu.Syafakillah to you and hope you’ll fully recover soon*hugs*.
    That is a nice combo of a meal!I love gulai but am still learning to like pineapples in dishes like this…but love the sweetness it add to the soup.yummy!Selamat berisirehat bukkk!

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