The Museums

Friday, 10th Jan 2014.

Time : 10 am – 5 pm

Destination : Trip to 3 museums – National Museum of Singapore, Philatelic Museum and The Peranakan Museum

Ok these were the places we all went for the Staff Retreat last friday.  The weather was good and so were the people in my team.  A good start and it ends with a good ending as well 😉

I was really excited because it has been more than 20 years since my last visit to the museums.

The retreat organisers had done a wonderful job. If I do have something to comment, it would be the lunch.  I wished it was warmer and well the taste was ok, nothing fantastic. Other wise, it was good indeed!

The day began with having breakfast at KFC @ Funan Mall.  Then we were grouped accordingly to our team, and we made our way to the first of the 3 museums we were to go on that day.  For our team, we were informed to make our way to the National Museum of Singapore first, and so together with another team, the 7 of us made our way by walking for about 10 mins or so to the National Museum.


The National Museum


There were some displays on the outskirt before the entrance to the museum


These huge ‘tepee” was a sight to see …. Simply beautiful!

Over at the National Museum, our 4th member of the team joined us and without wasting time, we embarked on our quest.  As we looked for clues and answers, we also took the opportunity to look over the displays in the museums.

One of the most nostalgic was to see the exhibition on the 50th years of television in Singapore.  I could see my childhood being flashback to me as I roamed the exhibition.


The TV broadcasting logos over the years at one of the exhibition on 50 years of television!

We also saw lots of displays on local foods and past vehicles and buildings.  This one below shows the trishaw used by vendors selling ‘Kueh Tutu”.


and below, shows the tiffin used during the olden days.


Once we had finished our quest, we then made our way to the Philatelic Museum which was nearby and took us about 10 mins to walk.  We went slow in order to make sure one of our team member who had difficulty walking due to her hip, had no difficulty in catching up with us.  So we were not the fastest team and had never hope to win yet a surprise awaits us …. unknown to any of us 😉

Over at the Philatelic Museum, which was my first ever visit to a stamp museum, I was thrilled to see the colourful and unique displays of stamp over the years.


The Post Box used many years ago ….


A display of stamps during the Straits Settlement period …


There was even a display of stamps with Harry Potter theme … Lovely!


This one is a display of a stamp from France …

We took a longer time to finish the quest at the Philatelic Museum …for there were 2 questions that we could not find the answers.  After awhile, our team decided to go over the Peranakan Museum and then go back to the Philatelic Museum to finish the unfinished quest.  So off we went to the Peranakan Museum which was just a few blocks away.


The Peranakan Museum …. View from outside


A display of the Peranakan women’s dresses


A display of the old Peranakan kitchen …


A show of dining wares belonging to the Peranakan family

So afterall the searching and running forth and back, our team was the 2nd last team to finish.  After which, we went for lunch and after lunch results was posted and our team ended with the last position.  As I mentioned earlier, we had a good ending and a surprised awaited us …. what was it????

The morning quest was not the end it seemed.  Teams had to go through another task and the total points will then be given out and 2 team with the highest score will be chosen as the winners.

The second task consisted of a game, which required communication and cooperation among team members, to achieve a high value for their fish company.   There were buying, branding and selling activities.

Our team really thought we did not do well.  We were in sync as a team but we thought at first that we were losing until the final calculations were done.

To our surprised, we emerged with the highest valuations and that helped to put us ahead with more points.  At the final countdown, it was totally unexpected to see us emerged as the 2nd place winner plus we were commended for being a team that showed “Love” among team members 😉


I was happy … not just for the winning but because I truly had fun and learnt many lessons during this retreat.



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