Rambling mode ….

Nice! … to be able to finally sit down and relax.  I have been up and about since dawn, did the marketing and cooking … all these ends by 9.30 am in the morning.  After that, it was sweeping and mopping the kitchen.  Then I sat down for brunch, since I skipped breakfast in my haste to do my marketing and cooking so that my eldest daughter could eat before going off to work.

Today’s menu is ‘Lauk Rawon’ and fried tempe with ikan kering and sambal belacan.

Tomorrow, there will be wedding to attend and more cooking to be done before Monday starts again.

A bit of good news, my eldest daughter has successfully been selected for the tourism course, and will start her school term on the 13th January.  After that, it will routine all the way mostly … kids go to school, adults working , house chores, etc.

I am thinking of planning  bit by bit to re-decorate my house.  So perhaps will spend a bit of time doing homework on home decor …. maybe a visit to the library will help. Can borrow those home magazines to see any good ideas that can be copied.  Budget wise … hmm have to slowly save, so plan first and save as many as I could before embarking on this project.  Something to look forward to I guess 😉

Oh! and yes, this month, January, there are 3 birthdays in the family.  My 2nd daughter, my 2nd niece and my 4th nephew.  We have been thinking of celebrating all three at once.  Perhaps a steamboat and bbq gathering but still nothing definite yet.

My 2nd daughter already gotten an advance birthday presents from me. She loves green so I bought for her a green shirt and green sneaker 🙂

Yesterday, all three daughters also received surprised presents from me.  It was not a plan move and was a surprise for them …. each received a new long sleeve t-shirt.  They were delighted of course and I am just happy to be able to do so once in a while.  A habit I had since they were young …. to surprise them with an occasional gift, something that brings pleasure to all of us.

Somehow I always receive more pleasure in giving than receiving.  Definitely makes me more happy to do so 😉

Well, since I am in the mood for just rambling, just to share that a few days ago, I tried making my own version of the kimchi stew.  Not authentic of course but as my daughters said “Sedapp!”.

A simple matter of just throwing in the kimchi, slices of fist, cut onions, cut scallion, water, soft tofu, add salt, sugar, light sauce and oyster sauce.  To make it more spicy I even add 2 tbsp of sambal belacan hahahaa…. weird I know but somehow it works 😉


kimchi stew and rice


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