Last post of the year…

Right, this will be my last post for the year 2013.  Will start writing again when 2014 starts.

I have just finished cooking for today’s meal.  For the Malays, usually we will cooked our dishes enough to last for a whole day.  A good thing this is, cos it means we only cooked one time in a day.  The rest of the meal will just be a matter of heating up the dishes.

Today’s menu is Spicy Assam Stingray and Tempe in Black Soya Sauce.  A favourite among the family members.

Now, I’m taking a break while writing this post, and my eldest is eating the foods that has just been cooked, she has to hurry since she will be going out to work soon.

The other two girls are still in sleeping beauty mode …. well not much longer cos soon I will turn into a hulk hehee 😉

They slept late last night and so this morning could not wake up early.  Still since I’m done with the cooking, it’s time for them to wake up and clean up the house.  I have already told them today they have to vacuum the house and clean out the fans.

It really feels good to be able to stay home for more than 4 days.  I really like this idea of taking long leave to finish the year.  Somehow, it makes me feel like I’m re-juvenating myself for more work next year.

Yesterday, my eldest daughter and I, we went to the ITE West College.  My eldest had to go through an interview for her selected course.  Everything seems to go well and results on whether she will be successfully selected will be out on 2nd Jan.

The college compound is rather big.  Quite spacious and clean.  I took some shots as we explore the ground.




Love this!

20131228-103332.jpgand this …. keywords that are vital to become a gracious society!


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