Papaya Peppermint Delight

Today I made a dessert …. something which I remembered eating when I was a teenage girl.  It was my 3rd sister who first made this dessert. She learnt it during her home economic class.

I have named it Papaya Peppermint Delight!

Ingredients for this refreshing dessert is :

one papaya (skinned), cut into two (cleaned out the seeds)
A packet of agar-agar (jelly) powder (I choose green colour), to make the colour more distinctive can actually add green colouring which I omit, cook the jelly powder (follow the directions given in the packet) …. stir and once it has boiled, add in 1/2 tsp of peppermint essence.
Off the fire, pour into the papaya.  Chill them in the fridge.  Serve cold.


Papaya after chilling


Cut into slices to serve


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