Her journey continues…

19th Dec 2013, my eldest received her N levels result. Alhamdulillah she passed as one of the top students with 4 pointers.

Overall, she had A for English, Computer Application and Element in Business Studies. B for Science and Malay. D for Mathematics, which has always been her weakest subject.

I’m just happy she passed and able to move on with her academic journey.

Next lap will be learning new subjects and skills at the ITE (Institute of Technical Education). Results for which course she would be successfully enrolling will be out next week.

Am indeed very proud of my eldest. I am so looking forward to see her embarking more new journeys that life has to offer for her.

Next I hope will be her awakening journey to know her true self and her spiritual needs. This would indeed complete her and assist her in times when she has to face the trials of life.

Congratulations N.H. ….. continue to strive and work hard and make lots of supplications for the best in duniawi and ukhrawi.


4 thoughts on “Her journey continues…

  1. Alhamdulillah.So happy for you n your girl.I can sense she is going to be successful in her future endeavour spiritually n otherwise here n hereafter in syaa Allah.With a strong n capable role model mom like you….very possible amin.Send my congrats to her ok.Enjoy n celebrate!! * penang buffet kapaaa…kekeee*

    • Amiin … πŸ™‚
      Thks Sri, doakan ya. Busu not good role model lah … Pls dun regard me as such. Diri ni byk kekurangan. Tapi sebagai seorang ibu itu lah harapan kita utk anak2 kita kan … InsyaAllah, doa kena terusss berjalan moga mereka mendapat kebahagiaan dunia akhirat.

      hahahaa penang buffet … Aiyoo air liur dah meleler ni hehee πŸ˜›

  2. Alhamdulillah Busu…in syaa Allah..Sri tetap percaya,mungkin not yet to others but to your dotter,you are.Pergi kerja,balik kerja masak,tengokkan budak2,bereskan hal rumah semua…in syaa Allah,your kids are watching and learning what they see everyday πŸ™‚ Although kita semua tak perfect,but there is something in us children can learn from bi iznillah.Sri akan doakan untuk busu sekeluarga,cemerlang dunia akhirat.amin.Congrats again to your dotter ya sebab cemerlang dalam N level!

    Memang terliur busu…yang tukang suggest pun terliur sama.Hahhahahah!

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