Legoland 2013

The new water park at Legoland Malaysia has been officially opened since November.  This is our family destination for a 1 day vacation trip for this year.

The 10 of us made our way to Legoland last Friday.  There was a lot of people at the Singapore immigration and so we were delayed for almost 1 hour.  Luckily the Malaysian immigration was smooth and without any hassle.

Reached Legoland around 12 noon.  We made our way to the water park first since the weather was still good at that time.  Should it rain later in the day, we would have not been able to swim.  The kiddos were the ones most excited.  As soon as they were ready, off they went exploring the water park.  Swimming, playing in the water and trying out the different slides.

It’s Happy Hour for the kiddos 😉

The pictures below speaks for themselves of how much fun we had 🙂





My nieces and grand-niece having a splashing time!


View of the wave pool …


The different types of tubes available …


The lazy pool ….

Then around 2.30 pm, we stopped and had our lunch after which we made our way to the theme park next door.  Since most of us had already been to the theme park, we did not waste time to really explore the park, instead we targeted the rides that we wanted to take.  Off we went and spent the rest of the time taking rides after rides.


My grandniece and grandnephew particularly love this ride …

Then it rained quite heavily around 4 plus….. luckily it was a short one.  Around 5.30 pm we stopped our activity and went to the mall next to the theme park to have our dinner.  We decided to eat at Old Town White Coffee Cafe.

Yummssss!!! The foods were delicious.


Mee Siam Goreng with Sambal Sotong


Curly noodle (aka instant noodle) with hotdog and egg …. the soup based was delicious!


Assam Laksa ….. spicy and delicious! ….truly satisfying 😉

After all the excitement and thrill rides, we reached home safely by 9 pm.  By then, my eyes could hardly opened … too tired yet I’m happy and so do the kids 🙂


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