Of Swensen and Marina Barrage

Friday, 6th December.

Worked for half a day, then off to Swensen for lunch with my colleagues.  Lovely food and company. We went to Clementi Mall for the lunch and soon after that made our way to Marina Barrage.  A big thank you to Nenny for the ride and suggestion for us to eat out.



My choice ….. the Piri Piri Chicken … Yumss!!!!

Once we reached Marina Barrage, very quickly we were grouped into 15 groups. Each group was tasked to draw a conservation theme on a kite.  Here are some of our efforts.


I drew this shellfish lookalike 😉

20131209-174120.jpg  Works in progress

Work by another team …

20131209-174149.jpg  and another ….

After the kite competition, in which 3 teams were selected as winners.  Alas! My team was not chosen, but we were not dissappointed 🙂  Cause every year we have such events and to all of us, its the comradeship and teamwork that matters and above all, having FUN! 😉

Then we were split into 2 groups and were given a tour of the Marina Barrage.  We were shown a miniature of how the barrage works, show some gallery photos and more.  For more information on Marina Barrage, please read on at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marina_Barrage


A miniature with live demo of how the barrage works…..


Soon after, around 5 pm, the whole session finished.   Tired but happy … that’s when I realised during all of the afternoon, I did not feel any pain in my arm … hmm I wonder if it’s actually a mind related pain in reality????


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