Kuala Lumpur – 8th Dec 2013

Saturday, 7th Dec, time 5.30 pm.  Together with my MIL, 2 of FIL’s cousins and myself, the four of us made our way to KL via bus from Golden Mile Tower to attend the wedding reception of hubby’s cousin’s son, Syed Nidzar.  The actual solemnisation ceremony was held last month, 23rd November 2013.

Reached Mak Bam’s house almost 11.30 pm.  The two makciks (FIL’s cousins), were so excited for it was almost 30 years since they last meet their cousins in KL (Mak Bam).

The cousins, Cik Hamidah and Cik Hamimah, sisters, are the late Nek Munirah’s daughters.  Arwah Nek Munirah was the aunt of my late FIL.  So this trip, brings a bit of bonus to me.  I managed to get to update and add more family members to the family tree.

When we arrived, our relatives were already there which included, the family members of Mak Busu from Johor and Kak Endon from Singapore.  As per normal, when relatives meet after a long time, there was a lot of catch ups to do.  By the time we all went to bed it was almost 2 am.

I could not sleep, since I’m not used to the environment, did finally fall asleep but I think it was less than an hour and I was awoke again.

Then around 9 plus am, Abang Rashid (one of Mak Bam’s son) and his wife came to fetch MIL and I.  They took us to visit their house at Keramat.  From Keramat, we then make a move to the wedding reception hall where many more relatives awaits.


The view from the reception hall


The foods

The food served was delicious, I like best the mango kerabu (mango salad) and the sweet sour fish.  Amidst all the talking, laughing and hugging, lots of photos was taken and most of all, as I listened to the exchanged of stories, I learnt lots of lessons and gems that help me to reflect on a lot of things.

The relatives in KL are wonderful people.  Among these people, there are some whom I truly loved as my own even though in reality they are my husband’s family.


A shot of the corner of the hall with the photos of the bride and groom

The bride and groom looked lovely.  The whole reception went well and we went back to Mak Bam’s place around 5 pm.  Took a bit of rest before departing back to Singapore at 7.30 pm.  The bus was supposed to depart at 9 pm but there was a delay and so when we finally departed from Berjaya Times Square, it was almost 10.30 pm.

Finally, reached Singapore, home sweet home aroundd 3.30 am.  I was too tired to even think of anything but just my bed.

Mil followed me home, and once reached home, I told husband, to take care of his mom and off I went to bed.  By then, my head was throbbing so hard and giddiness has set in.

Luckily I need not report to work  😉


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