I was on 1 day mc today, went to see the doctor for diarrhea and slight fever.  Then from the western doctor, I went to see the Chinese medical doctor for acupuncture for the pain in my right arm.

I was the only Malay lady in the clinic … luckily the receptionist and the physician both could speak English.

The physician said my blood flow is not good, low blood and that I must not drink anymore  cold drinks.  The acupuncture itself last about 10 mins.  This is my 2nd experience in having acupuncture.  I do not feel any pain when the needle was being inserted.  For today, I was given 6 needles …. inserted from my right shoulder down to my arm.

Alhamdulillah, after the treatment, I was happy to feel no more pain.  In fact, I do not know whether its from the medicine or from the acupuncture, but I was able to sleep for more than 3 hours just now.

Now, hopefully the pain won’t come back.  If it does, I think I might go back again for another acupuncture.  I do know sometimes it needs a couple of session for the pain to be totally gone.

Now, hoping tomorrow will be a good day, and that Saturday, I am truly well so I can go to KL in comfort 🙂



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