Little Hannan – The arrival

Alhamdulillah …. All praise to the Almighty for the safe delivery of our latest bundle of joy.  My little Hannan, though that’s not her real name 😉

Both mother and daughter are doing great.  Born on 28th November 2013, (24th Muharram 1435H), and weighing 3.1 kg, my little niece is simply adorable! 🙂

I can’t wait to visit mother and daughter, can’t wait to hold the sweet little bundle of joy!

At this moment, she resemble her late brother so much …. I am sure Little Hadi knows of her arrival and are sharing the joy of having another sister.  Hadi, is never far from my thoughts, though I do not mention him as much now.  He is always there … in both the mind and heart!

They might be my nephew and nieces from my husband’s side of the family but my love for them is far more ….. they are part of me, just like my flesh and blood.

Welcome little one to this world!

May you grow up to be healthy, happy, kind and intelligent.  

 May Allah bless you every day of your life with abundance of love, iman and knowledge. 

Amiin amiin amiin Ya Rabb!



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