Old photos

23 Nov, Saturday night, I received lots of old photos send via watsapp by a relative of mine. Most of these photos are of my late parents and my two eldest sisters when they were young.

Looking at the photos made me happy and sad at the same time ….. I missed my parents especially my mother.

There is one photo in particular, which as I looked and scrutinised, I realised that I had inherited my mother’s eyebrows. The curved are the same shape. This realisation makes me happy cos I’ve always thought I inherited most from my father’s side.

With this discovery, that means I have inherited 2 traits from my mother. The fairness of skin colour and the eyebrows.

Happy I am indeed! But I would be much more happier to be able to see her again in the flesh…. I missed her sooo much! 😦

The old photos are such a treasure. Have to thank technology, for with it many old photos have been able to be preserve. Alhamdulillah!


Pics of my late father and my two eldest sisters when they were small children.


One thought on “Old photos

  1. i also like looking and scrutinising old photos especially my father n my mother when they were young, handsome n beautiful 🙂 I miss my mother too, so much …

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