Between dream and reality

I had a strange dream last night…. It’s not scary but it’s weird to me cos it felt like I have been to the place before and met the same person …. in another dream long long time ago.

For me to dream something like this feels a bit weird cos it must have some meanings…. Why do I come to the place again and meet the same person??? what is the meaning??? Alas! I have no idea 😦

Anyway, no use pondering over it overly, there are many that needs my attention right now …. Workload is heavy these days at the office. Personally I am also busy fencing off the emotional tempest at home.

But all these are manageable somehow …

Talking about managing, I hope my dear friend who had just lost her husband 2 days ago are holding up well in coping life without her partner. I hope she will remain strong and are able to move onwards …. She has to I suppose cos now she has become the pillar of her family.

It is indeed not easy to cope with losing a loved ones but insyaAllah with time everything will fall back in place.

Each of us, our journey has been decided and each journey be it an easy or difficult ones, has its own purpose to make us stronger as long as we focus on Him.

Sometimes, what may look difficult is actually the best option for us…. Afterall life and death is a cycle, everything on this earth will go through it … There’s no stopping or delay when it’s time.

Death is not the end … It’s just another new beginning to a new journey till we reach the final destination, that is the akhirah.

Dreams are also not real for it’s a journey made by the soul to an unknown realms.

Begin anew everyday despite facing lots of adversaries that is life. What’s important is to have a clear conscience of who we are and what we do.

Strive for goodness as much as possible, make a positive impact onto ourselves and others as many as possible.



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