Year End Holidays 2013

Planning a family vacation is really not easy.  Even though we all agree on the destination, there will be difficulty agreeing to the date hahahaa….

At first, only a few takes up the idea, them more and more people come on board to go together to Legoland Malaysia.  Initial idea was to go for a 2 days 1 night. But, after doing some searches here and there;  and weighing some issues, we decided to stick to 1 day outing only but we will be going to both theme parks at the Legoland.

Now, the choosing of the date to go is still pending, with many discussions going on via the family watsapp.  Everybody excited but we just can’t seem to agree on a mutual date so far.

I have always like family outing.  It is a chance to bond and interact.  With many of us working and leading life of our own, the chance to meet up and interact do not come often.

This holidays, I have plan a couple of outings for the kids.  The first will take place this coming 26 November. We have decided to go and visit the Sea Aquarium at Resort World Sentosa.  Unfortunately, my eldest has to work on that day so this outing will be without her.  But before going there, the four of us will have to go to SGH first for my husband’s medical appt.  Only after that will we proceed to Harbour Front.

Then in December, another outing with the extended family members to Legoland and another to USS (Universal Studio Singapore),  provided we can get discounted tickets.

Other than these, majority of the weekends will be more on just sightseeing, window shopping, and swimming.   Since my husband would be working most of the times, looks like majority of these outings will be just between myself and the kids.

The “kecohness” via watsapp is still on-going hahahaa…. Well, hopefully we can settle and confirm the date soon.

Happy holidays everyone!  🙂


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