Eye Stroke …

Received news about a loved one facing a health issue.  I an feeling sad and anxious about it. Just hoping she will get better and that it’s not too late to save her left eye.

It may sounds strange to some … I mean I was also surprised to hear it at first, cos it never occurred to me there is such a condition called Eye Stroke but reality is that one of my loved ones is having it.

Her first encounter with it was that she woke up one day and discovered her vision is down to half in her left eye.  Worried she went to see a GP doctor and was told to see an eye specialist.

She went to the polyclinic, they did thorough checked on her and discovered it’s a stroke on the eye …. Now she is being referred to the eye specialist and also heart centre for full check-up.

I pray that the Almighty will bestow upon her full recovery as soon as possible.  She is the closest to me after my mother died, frankly, just hearing about her condition makes me tear up.  Yet, I know this is something that she has to go through.

Insya’Allah will give her as many support and help that she needs.

May You make ease for her and her family in these trying times, Ya Rabb!

I think nowadays if anyone faced a condition that is rare or appears serious, please quickly go to the hospital straightaway.   It’s better to do so than discovering how serious it is and a delay in having the condition treated can be detrimental.

For more information on eye stroke …  http://vision.about.com/od/sportsvision/a/Eye-Stroke.htm


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