That little heaven on earth…

You know for a person who has been working in a library for over 20 years, I should have by now be immune to libraries, but instead the more I visit libraries regardless whether they are public libraries or institutional libraries, the more I am in love with them

Today, I went to NLB main library near Bugis Junction to attend the RDA course.  I did not expected much from the course since I knew it’s gonna be a dry one.  I almost slept throughout the course.  Luckily for the lunch break, which I took the opportunity to explore the library and this was when I felt transported to a little heaven on earth!

The children’s section is my favourite of all.  The decor just blew me away to the land of imagination!

Here are some pictures which I took this afternoon ….. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did 😉


The entrance to the children’s section …. BEAUTIFUL !!!


The Tree House …. makes me wanna be a kid again!


Ahlan wa sahlan … a special display on Saudi Arabia, the language, culture and literature 🙂


This unique book display was next to the main entrance of the library, all I can say was …. WOW!


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