Of New Year and New Recipes!

First and foremost … wishing all muslims all over the world the best of Ma’al Hijrah 1435.  A Happy New Year Everyone!


Hijrah is the muslim calendar and tomorrow, 1st Muharram of 1435H  (5th November 2013)  is the start of a new year for us muslims.  With the begin of the new year, I hope each and everyone of us will have new resolution and motivation to continue the journey of self-improvement, outwardly and internally. Insya’Allah!

Today, I am not working as in lieu to the Deepavali holiday that falls on last Saturday, our university had declared today is a University Holiday. Yeayy!!! 🙂

So to take advantage of the fact that I am not working, I was busy at the kitchen since morning.  A simple dish for lunch and dinner today as well as another round of bread making has kept me busy.

The dish and bread are two new recipes I’m trying out and so far they have turned out well …. phew!! 😉

I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting new recipes and I think these two are definitely a keeper.


Malbari Prawn … A spicy prawn dish, real tasty to the palate, can be eaten with rice or bread.

A BIG THANK YOU to my friend Mas for teaching me how to cook it 🙂

Below are the bread I made with a new twist, using water roux and I’m telling you it does make a lot of difference … the breads are way more softer.  Kids and husband love them.  I made them and within less that an hour all are gone 😉


The difference designs which I experimented this morning ….



Hotdog rolls and a closer look at the inside after a bite 😉


Another variation, buns with the Malbari prawn as fillings …. totally yummylicious!


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