Of S. S. S. = Sick, Shepherd’s Pie & Salsa

It has been quite long since I was this sick … went to see the doctor last Monday, mc for 1 day, then the next day still not ok so I apply for time-off.  Wednesday went back to work and my nose became worse with the cold air-con and dust from the renovation inside the library.  Could hardly breathe, nose almost totally blocked. Head had been throbbing non-stop and my colleagues started to steer away from me hahaha..

Yesterday, was the 1 year death anniversary of my father-in-law. How time flies!  May his soul rest in peace, insyaAllah!

Today, I had no choice but to see the doctor again, another 1 day mc and new batch of medicine.  Hopefully this time this sickness will go away.

Funny thing is, I have been taking lots of medicine but I still can’t comfortably sleep.

Now even while breathing my chest feel tired …. macam lelah gitu 😦

On the bright side, even though I was down, I still managed to cook for the family.

On Tuesday, I baked Shepherd’s Pie and upon my eldest daughter request, made spicy tomato salsa to be eaten with nachos.  It’s good to see them enjoying the foods 🙂




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