Of baking and cooking

I had a fun weekend last week…. busy in the kitchen and lazying around in the house.  This is the first time in many years I did not went out during the Eidul Adha.  Usually would at least went to my in-law’s house but this year, thks to hubby working, we decided not to go out at all.

Though my husband did manage to squeeze some time to visit his mom.

In the meantime,  was busying myself baking chocolate chips bread and Mee Bandung.  Just having fun in the kitchen, since the mood had strike hot.

1394323_719082978105104_1019612025_nMee Bandung

Actually baking the bread was my eldest daughter’s idea….. she had commented that it had been a while since I made bread.

Cooking and baking can be therapeutic in a sense though once done, my whole body ache …hehee

I was just too happy to see all my hard work being appreciated by my family members.  The bread was a hit.  My 2nd niece had 4 pieces of it and still asked for more …:)

Even my husband who came back from work the next day, commented that the bread was soft and yummy.   Alhamdulillah, happy to receive good reviews but bread making is something that I still have a lot to learn.

Still very amateurish …. Lots more room for improvement.

20131022-135944.jpg  The bread before putting into the oven … below the ready to eat breads 🙂



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